Frequently asked questions

What is Ethically Handcrafted Tea?

Ethically Handcrafted tea is the core of our product.

Ethical for us means being Responsible for our own health, the health of our communities and the health of our environment. All our teas and blended ingredients are 100% organic. We also ensure all our teas are Fairtrade and Rainforest alliance certified. We contribute 5% of all our profits to the welfare of women workers of tea gardens we source from.  

Our craftsmanship starts from when we pick the gardens to source our teas from.  Our intimate knowledge of the valleys, the rainfall and the quality of the yield gives us uncommon insights into which gardens have teas that work perfect for our blends.  Our teas are handpicked and often processed using new innovative methods.  To the consumer, the craft is most visible in our blends, each carefully handcrafted with 100% organic ingredients.

Why don’t you offer more selection for your teas?

We’ve learned that having too many choices actually makes it harder for our customers to select a tea to try. Our 10-tea collection is carefully curated to provide tea novices and tea lovers alike with a comprehensive selection to explore.

Why should I try your tea?

As with wine and coffee, the taste and quality of tea varies from producer to producer, season to season and even lot to lot! Trying teas from multiple retailers over time will help develop your palette. While we can’t claim to be “the best” (taste is subjective, after all!), we pride ourselves in serving very good tea. We source teas directly from gardens that share our obsession with quality, and strongly believe that you can taste the difference in our teas.

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